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Magnetic Eyelashes Applicator Tool Kit Eyeliner Glue-free Eyelash Clip

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【SAVE TIME】Specifically designed to make applying magnetic eyelashes quick and easy, this eyelash partner is guaranteed to save your makeup time. Utilizing an innovative curved shape, these professional eyelash tweezers safely apply lashes in seconds with extreme precision.

【MULTIFUNCTIONAL】As well as applying eyelashes, this tool is equally effective as an eyelash curler and false eyelash remover that cleanly removes the lash band without harming the eye area, making the entire process painless and simple.

【SAFE TO USE】The ergonomically designed fits most eye shapes without damage, and the advanced soft magnet design allows it can be used on sensitive skin.

【CONVENIENT TO CARRY】Impressively lightweight and small in size, you can easily slip this tool into your purse or pocket, allowing you to apply, remove or repair your lashes on-the-go at a moment's notice.


Material: Stainless steel alloy clip, Soft magnetic eyelashes

Quanity: 6 Pcs magnetic eyelashes, 1 Pc eyelash clip

Our magnetic lashes clip is made of premium stainless steel alloy with strong magnetic force, which allows to automatically grab magnetic eyelashes. helps you apply magnetic eyelashes in seconds.

How to use:

Step 1, Separate the two pieces of fake eyelashes by pushing the fake eyelashes'root away gently.

Step 2, Hold the eyelash curler with one hand and the eyelashes gently with another hand. Make sure fake eyelashes'root upwards to the magnet pads to be attracted.

Step 3, Fit the eyelash curler to upper eyeliner place and close the curler gently to make the two pieces of fake eyelashes perfectly bonded together.

Package Includes:

3 Pairs of Magnetic Eyelashes

1 Pc Eyelash Clip