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Orange Artemis

VIP-Eyelash Accessories- Pink Gel Eyelash Glue Remover (15 g)

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*Extra powerful eyelash extension glue remover has a powerful and brand-new formula.

*This product will dissolve lash adhesive in just one minute, ensuring faster and more efficient lash extension removal for you or your clients

* This extra strength solvent will remove glue with ease from even the strongest eyelash glues in just 60 seconds, saving you precious time and effort.

* Only a small amount of gel remover is needed to remove any eyelash extensions, which will save you money on reordering product.

*NO UNPLEASENT SMELLS OR FUMES: Unlike other eyelash extension gel remover products, our adhesive gel remover comes with a refreshing scent and has no fumes which cause headaches.